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Incoming 8th Graders

What is AG Biology?

AG Bio is an incredible opportunity for students to be more involved in FFA, our school, and our community. In our AG Biology classes we cover the same curriculum that is covered in normal biology while allowing students to discover elements of agriculture through hands-on experiences to form a connection between it and science.

Under the branch of AG Biology, we have a class-wide incubation project where we work with hands-on with chicks to obtain an all-around greater understanding of the topic of incubation.


Classes Available For Freshmen

What is SAE?

SAE stands for Supervised Agricultural Experience or in simpler terms, its a project conducted by all FFA students where they have the opportunity to pursue various pathways. SAE makes up one of the three circles of agricultural education and projects range all the way from raising chicks, working on a farm, holding a bake sale, or creating a page for a website.

FFA Activity Points

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is: what are FFA points? Well, the answer is straightforward, they are simply activity points you receive for participating in FFA-related activities such as weekly committee meetings, FFA Monthly meetings, fundraisers and much more!

Students in FFA are required two FFA points per quarter that they have an Ag class in. 

FFA points motivate students to become more involved in their FFA chapter as well as with the community itself.


Leadership Opportunities

Our Ag department offers a number of different ways for students to be involved, including an Ag Leadership class, multiple student-led committees, and an officer team composed of experienced members of our chapter.



Students in our chapter have the opportunity to attend multiple conferences and conventions. Many of our students compete with the CDE teams in this conferences.

Especially pertinent to incoming Freshmen, is the Greenhand Leadership Conference or GLC, where Freshmen take a day trip to Loand are cycled through hands-on stations based on learning, experience, leadership, competition, personal growth. These challenges helped students discover the power of teamwork and leadership, which helped them better understand what FFA has to offer.

Attending GLC opens students minds to the culture of FFA and shows them further opportunities for leadership that they can pursue in later years:

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